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I'm Q!


I'm passionate about crafting and scaling Design Systems, with an emphasis on UI, UX, and animations.

Design Systems

Creating a Variable System

Working with globalized variables maybe one of the trickier aspects to any design or code project. It’s sort of like accumulating a collection of a particular collectable, say Pokemon cards. It’s cool that you can collect these cards! I mean, who wouldn’t want an original 1st edition base set Charizard.

Design Systems

Creating a Context System

One of the more “abstract” but important and powerful systems within G2 Components is it’s “Context” system. Given the name, those familiar with libraries like React may immediately think of React.Context. It’s kinda close, but it’s much much more than that.

Design Systems

Creating a Style System

One of the biggest and most important challenges for the G2 Components project was defining and creating the Style system. The Style system is one of the core system that’s responsible for managing and powering the entire UI layer for the library.

Component Design

Animation Interpolations

In other words… smoothly transitioning from one thing to another thing! In traditional animation (think the good ol’ hand drawn stuff), this process of transitioning between two key poses (or key frames) is known as inbetweening.

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