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Creating a Self Resizing Card

January 30, 2019

Every so often, I get randomly inspired to code something… experimental. Recently, I felt particularly ambitious, and thought it would be…


Naming CSS Class Names

January 14, 2019

You're working on some UI. It's a series of CSS problems. You figured out the styles required to solve it. All you gotta do is create a couple of new CSS class names.

Design Engineering

Design Engineer - The Role

January 10, 2019

Every so often, a tweet or blog post would make me reflect upon my career in the web development industry. Being a hybrid design/coder, I can't help but feel out of place within in.


Writing Release Notes

January 09, 2019

If you work on a library or module (be it open sourced or closed), writing really good (at least adequate) release notes is one of the most important things you can do.


New Face

January 05, 2019

Happy New Year lovely Internet people! I hope all of you had a wonderful 2018, and have some fun-filled goals for 2019. For me, among the…

Design Engineering

Make Design Engineering Happen

April 07, 2018

This year, I started mentoring at Out of Office Hours . I’ve had multiple sessions, and one very interesting thing I’ve noticed is that…


Let's try this again!

April 01, 2018

Oh boy! It’s only been… about 4 months since I wrote something. Not a day goes by where I don’t think… Gee, I really should write a blog or…


What it means to be a Design Engineer

December 08, 2017

Recently, I had a catch-up chat with a product designer colleague from work (his name is Buzz and he is awesome). One of the things we…


Why is writing so hard.

December 03, 2017

Goodness. Gracious. Why is writing so hard! Since re-launching my site, I’ve set a personal goal to write at least once a week. I gave…



November 22, 2017

Oh wow, talk about a facelift! Black & pink have always been one of my favourite color combos. Not to mention, I’ve always wanted a dark…