Published on November 22, 2017

Oh wow, talk about a facelift! Black & pink have always been one of my favourite color combos. Not to mention, I’ve always wanted a dark site!

There were several reasons why I decided to revamp my site:

1. Rebuild it with cool tech stuffs ✨

Over the past year and a half or so, I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunities to invent some really cool projects at my job (bonus: a lot of them are open source). Some of these projects include:

There’s more, but the ones I mentioned are used to build this site. (Curious? Check out the source code).

2. Provide myself with a platform to write ✍️

One of my 2017 goals was to write a lot. I failed this goal by… a lot. So far, I’ve published one blog post, and a couple Medium dot coms.

There were so many excuses why I didn’t write. I didn’t have complete well-formed ideas… I didn’t have the time… I can’t English… But, really, at the end of the day…

I don’t have an excuse for not writing.

I’ve always been a fan of Jekyll and Markdown. I have oodles of half-formed potential posts written in Markdown stashed away in my Dropbox. I think adding a “Blog” section to my site will encourage me to fully realize those brain farts of mine.

3. #branding ✌️

Another goal I had this year was to start doing CSS talks / workshops. So far, I’ve done one CSS deep dive talk during my company’s Barcelona retreat.

Me talking about CSS things!

(Apparently I didn’t fail at it, and folks really enjoyed it!)

Writing about CSS (and perhaps other code things) will help establish my #brand as an “expert” in the field, which would enable speaking/workshop opportunities (I hope)!

Thanks for reading my first blog blurb and for checking out my new site! You are awesome, and I hope you’ll stay tuned more posts in the future 🚀.

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