Workflow and other preferences ✌️


A list of workflow or tool preferences that I use on the daily.


MacBook Pro 2019

A beastly machine with the keyboard that dies from dust. (Yes, it happened to me).


I use all the main ones (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Google Chrome mostly for development work, and Safari for non-work browsing.

Coding language(s)

I’m proficient in a several, but my favourites are:

  • JavaScript
  • CSS

I like it. I’ve written a couple of libraries using it. Still getting used to it.

Previously, I used Flow, but found the setup/tooling to be too finicky. TypeScript is far simpler, especially with Visual Studio Code.


Everything is in my dotfiles! Everything.


iTerm 2

I like how I can save the configurations into my dotfiles. Not to mention, I’ve spent many hours fine tuning things to make it look just right.


I have it. I try it out every now and then. I find it to be slower compared to iTerm. Plus, my Vim settings/colours clash with the Terminal UI.


I’ve been a ZSH user since I started doing things in the Terminal. I’ve recently started using Spaceship prompt. I really dig it! 🚀

Shell Theme?

I use my own. Like I said… many hours spent.

Code Editor

Visual Studio Code

I was a heavy Vim user for several years. My decision to switch over to something… non-Vim… came from the realization that I would often forget how to type normally, without using Vim commands.

My emails, notes, Pull Request descriptions, would have i, :w or jjjjjjjjjjjj all over the place.

VS Code Theme?

My own! Old habits die hard.


Code Sandbox

This. My goodness, what a brilliant piece of tech this is. I use this all the time for “sketching” my code ideas.

Illustration Apps


An absolutely amazing app for drawing on an iPad with an Apple pencil. This app made me fall in love with digital illustration again.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Absolutely hate it - especially Illustrator. I’ve tried many alternatives, but nothing really compares in terms of features. I’ve been a user since Photosop 6/7, before the Creative Suite Creative Cloud days. I feel miserable every I have to use Illustrator.


It’s fine. I mean it’s good. But for UI work, I prefer designing and prototyping with code.

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