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I'm Q and I love improving experiences for people.

I’m a self-taught Designer / Developer, with several years of experience in both (I started first with Design). I’m proficient in a handful of coding languages, but my absolute fav. is CSS.

I love CSS. It’s so wonderfully creative, expressively fun, and generally mis-understood.

Having experience in design and development allows me to effectively make an impact in both disciplines. In other words, I make both sides happier and get along better, together.

When I’m not doing overly-ambitious (and possibly silly) things like, I don’t know, inventing a way to write CSS unit tests, or building a React component library from scratch, I dabble in the world of illustration, specifically character / mascot design.

(Fun fact: I started off being a graphic artist.)

(Double fun fact: When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a Disney/Pixar artist.)


Make Design Engineering Happen

This year, I started mentoring at Out of Office Hours. I’ve had multiple sessions, and one very interesting thing I’ve noticed is that every single person I’ve spoken to has said…


Practical CSS Animations

March 22, 2018

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